Who we are?

Our company has completed many projects of different scales in the construction sector with its 30 years of work experience. By operating in every branch of the sector, it pays attention to the good and meaningful use of its knowledge. Taking its place in the construction sector with its trained brainpower and strong staff, it draws a successful graphic in the application of fast developing architectural designs. It has always kept the logic of being a solution partner in terms of architectural and engineering services, working in harmony with the institutions it does business with.

Quality service and customer satisfaction have always been our priority, acting with a corporate working logic. The main condition for quality work; He coordinates the Planning – Skilled Worker – Finance trio and pays utmost attention to reaching a result.

Our Mission

To manage values in the “best” way with our corporate structure, customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding.

AKS Group, which always provides high quality by using the latest technological facilities in engineering and management sciences, aims to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and to maintain the understanding of perfection in a respectful manner to human, nature, environment and society, and to combine its understanding of high quality building with perfect infrastructure systems.

To ensure to employ the best qualified human power with human resources dominated by mutual trust and respect.

Our Vision

Construction industry in productivity, quality, and employee safety issues are among the most reliable companies of Turkey are continuing our work with the objective of defining standards and awareness.

Aiming at the top in the construction sector with its customer-oriented approach, following all the innovations, creating a modern lifestyle by producing projects that are suitable for the needs of the future as well as today.

To contribute to the creation of safe and modern living environments for the society and to increase the quality of life.

We shape our future from today. We create safe buildings, spaces and profitable investment opportunities for our customers, who are our reason for existence. We will continue to work non-stop to become the leading company that sets standards in the construction industry.